Hand, feet and eye care

Hands and Feet
Jessica nail care system is specifically designed for the natural nail and treats nail conditions such as flaking, peeling and weak nails.

  • Jessica manicure ¾ hr     £33.00
  • Deluxe manicure 1 hr     £38.00
  • Jessica pedicure ¾ hr     £34.00
  • Deluxe pedicure 1 hr     £39.00
  • French polish (bookable only with Manicure/Pedicure) ¼ hr     £ 6.50
  • Revarnish 1/4hr £20.00

GELeration Soak-off Gel Polish
The beauty of Jessica in a gel. With the health of the natural nails in mind, GELeration’s gel formula delivers a long lasting flawless finish that is dry in seconds.

GELeration Manicure 1 hr    £43.00
GELeration Refresh ¾   £35.00
GELeration Pedicure  1hr  £43.00
Exsisting GELeration Removal ½    £15.00
Nail crystal application (per crystal)  £0.50


Eyes are often over looked, but simple treatments like our eye brow shape can make a positive difference  to the appearance of the face. New clients require a ‘patch test’ 12 hours prior to their initial treatment. Swimming and heat treatments are not recommended 4 hrs before or 8 hrs after treatment.

  • Eyelash tint ½ hr     £20.00
  • Eyebrow tint ¼ hr     £14.00
  • Eyebrow shape ¼ hr     £14.00
  • Any 2 or 3 of the above ½ hr     £28.00
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