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Members' Survey 2022

Further to your valuable member feedback, we are pleased to make updates in response to your feedback in the following areas.


We would like to see a decline bench in the functional area. arrow-down

We have ordered a new Technogym decline bench and look forward to introducing this new equipment in January 2023.

Can we include further offerings into our induction sessions whilst providing more availability. arrow-down

From January, our current induction programme will be revised to include a bespoke cardio workout along with 5 resistance exercises to begin your fitness journey. Members will also have the opportunity to revisit this programme every 12 weeks with one of our instructors.

We can now provide 24 sessions per week, an increase from the previously offered 12.

We need clarity over the availability of the inductions and personal training. arrow-down

A member journey is being created which will explain the process of booking inductions and personal training. This will also include an overview of what to expect during an induction and complimentary PT session. This will be available via The Lensbury App and on our noticeboards.

We would like to see an increase in exercise mats. arrow-down

We have made extra room on the gym floor to include 2 more stretch mats with an additional 8 core mats now available.


Will we return the clock to the gym floor. arrow-down

2 clocks have been added to the gym floor, situated in the cardio area and in the functional area.

We would like to see new and more classes on the timetable. arrow-down

Our group fitness timetable will now be reviewed and updated quarterly to ensure availability, quality and member demand is met throughout the year. We are also launching instructor quality assessments to ensure we are consistently delivering a first-class exercise experience. Our spring timetable will be launched on 1st March 2023.

We are working with our partners at LesMills to bring you the latest releases and newest exercise classes, inline with the latest fitness trends.

Can we increase the availability for reformer Pilates sessions. arrow-down

We are introducing a booking limit of 2 classes per week, per member, to ensure fair and equal access to all. Further details to follow via The Lensbury Club App.

We have also launched small group reformer Pilates sessions (up to 4 members) for a bespoke class experience (additional fee applies).


We don't know when instructors change. arrow-down

We update all instructors’ names on The Lensbury Club App. Unfortunately with last-minute cover, it is not always possible to do this before the class commences.

Please can we have changing mats for babies in Lockside. arrow-down

Changing mats are now available in the family changing room.

Pool, Thermal Suite and Changing Rooms

We would like to see more dedicated children/family sessions in the pool. arrow-down

We will introduce a new dedicated family ‘fun float’ session from 1st February 2023.

The swimming pool water temperature is cold. arrow-down

Our swimming pool water temperature is checked throughout the day to ensure member comfort and experience. This is set in line with industry recommendations for swimming pools and operating pool parameters.

We would like to see more aqua classes on the timetable. arrow-down

We currently offer 6 aqua classes per week, rising to 7 in 2023. We will be launching a new, dynamic water-based class in March 2023. Further details will be shared via The Lensbury Club App.

Can we provide adult swim lessons. arrow-down

Our swimming lesson provider, Swim Nature already provide a range of adult swimming lessons and swimming technique courses. Further information on the courses and how you can book will be provided via The Lensbury Club App from January 2023.

We would like to see improved toiletries and amenities in the changing rooms. arrow-down

We are currently reviewing our amenities across the resort to enhance member experience and to fall in line with our sustainability initiatives.

We would like to see locks on all shower cubicles. arrow-down

We have invested in new locks which will be fitted in January 2023.

The steam room frequently requires repairs. arrow-down

We have invested in a new steam generator for our steam room in the thermal suite, which will improve reliability and experience.

We would like to have towels reintroduced for the members in Lockside. arrow-down

Towels were reintroduced in September in Lockside.

Can we offer eco-friendly bags for swimming costumes. arrow-down

Biodegradable bags are available at Lockside reception. We will update our signage accordingly.


Can the quality of the tennis nets and general court maintenance be improved. arrow-down

  1. We are replacing several of our nets due to general wear and tear
  2. We have recently completed a full moss treatment on all tennis courts
  3. We have reviewed the court maintenance schedule and implemented an improved calendar of maintenance
  4. Our maintenance team is sourcing a specific technical part for the floodlight unit on court 18


We would love to see the introduction of Padel Tennis at The Lensbury. arrow-down

We are currently working with specialist contractors on plans for 2 padel courts with a view to installing these for members in 2023.

We would like to see improved communication and more information on tennis activities at The Lensbury. arrow-down

  1. We will be installing a tennis noticeboard for all of the latest updates and communication in February 2023
  2. We are introducing a regular monthly tennis e-newsletter from January 2023
  3. We are making improvements to The Lensbury Club App with a dedicated tennis section
  4. We are recruiting a dedicated administrator for the tennis office, which will enable us to respond to all tennis related emails and requests within 48 hours

Availability of courts at peak times can be challenging with some members not attending booked courts. arrow-down

We would like to implement a tennis strike system, similar to the system we use for group exercise classes to ensure better availability and attendance to court bookings in the interests of fairness for all members. Further details will be shared in due course.

We would like to see more and improved tennis socials, club sessions and tournaments. arrow-down

  1. We will be introducing a tennis focus group to support and enhance The Lensbury tennis offering in February 2023
  2. The introduction of a new cardio-tennis programme and classes in spring 2023
  3. We will be running 6 tennis tournaments in 2023 – please see our ‘what’s on‘ page for further details

Can we do restringing at The Lensbury. arrow-down

We don’t currently offer restringing but we are exploring partnerships for this in the local area.

Can you offer more out-of-hours tennis groups. arrow-down

We currently offer; 90 minutes on Monday evenings, 3 hours on Wednesday evenings, 90 minutes on Thursday evenings and 3 hours on Sundays. A new 60 minute session will be added on Wednesday evenings from January 2023. We endeavour to always keep some courts available for member bookings.

The squash courts need renovation. arrow-down

We are planning a rejuvenation of our squash courts in summer 2023, more details to follow.

Is any squash coaching available. arrow-down

We have a squash coach, who can be contacted through the Racquets Manager (mailto: The squash coach is available every Monday from 7.30pm-9.30pm on the weekly squash club night.

Is there support available to run the squash leagues. arrow-down

The squash leagues are currently member-led, but with the appointment of a new administrator, these squash leagues will be run by the Racquets Manager.


We would love to see stand-up paddleboards at The Lensbury watersports centre. arrow-down

We will be introducing paddleboards (SUPs) for the 2023 season with a series of instructor-led sessions that will be available for members to enjoy from April.

Some of the boats are in need of repair. arrow-down

Replacement rudders, daggerboards, sails, booms and masts have been repaired in preparation for the 2023 season.

Can you increase the opening times during the summer months. arrow-down

Yes, we will be offering extended opening hours on 2 nights per week (Thursday and Saturday) during the peak summer months in 2023.

Can we increase the range of life jackets. arrow-down

We have purchased new life jackets of multiple sizes ready for the 2023 season.

Can we offer adult sailing lessons. arrow-down

Courses are available on an ad-hoc basis. If you are interested in adult sailing lessons in 2023, please email mailto:


Can small lockers be made available in the Watersports Centre. arrow-down

Yes, new lockers will be made available for the new season from April 2023.


We would like to see further improvements in the look and feel of the treatment rooms. arrow-down

In addition to improvements made in 2022, we are looking to further enhance the member experience in the spa area and treatment rooms and will be carrying the following improvements:

  1. Refresh treatment rooms through redecoration
  2. Addition of soft furnishings and wall art
  3. Improved lighting to enhance ambiance

Can we improve the waxing experience. arrow-down

We are improving our waxing offering in 2023 by:

  1. Reviewing alternative and new-to-the-market waxing products to ensure we are offering a first-class experience
  2. Additional waxing training

Your spa treatments do not offer good value for money. arrow-down

  1. We regularly price-check all of our treatments against the local market and are competitively priced on all treatments
  2. All members receive an additional 20% discount on all spa treatments – this exclusive discount will remain in 2023

I sometimes struggle to find my desired treatment time at weekends. arrow-down

Weekends are currently our busiest period so we recommend booking 2 weeks in advance to secure your preferred appointment time. We have recruited a new therapist to increase our availability during peak periods to meet member demand.



Food and Drink

When will you be introducing a new menu. arrow-down

The new menu will launch at the end of January 2023 with some exciting new seasonal dishes.

Can we reduce the waiting times for coffee. arrow-down

We are currently installing an additional coffee machine at our deli to provide a faster service for members at peak times.

We would like to see seasonal specials and menu items throughout the year. arrow-down

We will introduce weekly specials from end of January 2023. This will be promoted by a special menu board and promoted by the food and drink team each day.

We would like to see an improvement in the quality of food available from the deli counter. arrow-down

A new range of salads and sandwiches will be available from January 2023. Our offering will be extended to include hot paninis.

We would like to see a breakfast offering for members. arrow-down

A new members’ breakfast menu will be introduced in February 2023.

Are there plans to update the restaurant and bar. arrow-down

We are currently working with our designers on an exciting new design and concept for our ground floor food and drink spaces and look forward to sharing details with members in due course.

Can we include sports nutrition items in our food and beverage offering. arrow-down

We will include a post-workout breakfast and protein shake in our members’ breakfast menu.


How do I hear more about what is going on at The Lensbury. arrow-down

We have made lots of changes recently to ensure members are kept up to date with regular club updates, new activities, news and events. As well as improvements to the content and regularity of updates via The Lensbury Club App, we have also developed a new What’s On page to keep you up to date with all the latest events (click here).

Moving forwards, we are keen to ensure that all members receive regular and relevant updates from The Lensbury and will be asking all members to share their interest preferences in January 2023. This will allow us to send you a bespoke monthly newsletter with tailored news and updates.

Please note, all regular updates will be via The Lensbury Club App and you can ensure you stay up to date by making sure your push notifications are enabled.

Please refer to the What’s on webpage for the latest sports and social event updates (click here to view)


We would like to receive a physical magazine or newsletter. arrow-down

Our first spring/summer 2023 issue of our new members’ magazine will be launching in early 2023 and will include insightful content from across the resort and beyond, as well as important member updates. You will be able to read this online, as well as pickup a printed copy at the club.

How can I provide feedback on my club experience. arrow-down

Member feedback and satisfaction is imperative to our objective of continuous improvement. In order to gather feedback about all aspects of membership and club facilities, we have set up a dedicated feedback email address ( for you to share your valuable thoughts.

Member Events

We would like to see more social activities and events throughout the year. arrow-down

We are launching a resort calendar of sports and social events from January 2023. We have appointed a dedicated Member Events Manager to oversee this. Highlights for 2023 include:

  • Summer festival weekend
  • Wimbledon outdoor screening
  • Movies by Moonlight (back by popular demand!)
  • Themed dinners
  • Quiz nights
  • Live music evenings
  • The Lensbury games (multi-sport family event)
  • Fireworks Spectacular (bigger than ever!)

For further details of what’s coming up at The Lensbury, please click here.


We would like to be updated about all of the events that are happening in 2023. arrow-down

Members can stay up to date and informed on all of the latest events by visiting the dedicated What’s On page on The Lesbury website (click here to view)

Will you be doing events for your charity of the year. arrow-down

We will be announcing our charity of the year on 1st January 2023 alongside a whole host of activities and events that will be taking place to raise funds for this important local cause, as well as information on how you can help get involved.

Can we get involved in a members' focus group. arrow-down

Yes, if you are interested in joining a members’ focus group there are 5 to choose from:

  1. Membership
  2. Events
  3. Charity
  4. Tennis
  5. Food and beverage

Please email, specifying your preferred group and any relevant professional experience.


The Rockhall Room (soft play) is tired. arrow-down

The Rockhall Room has been cleaned and repainted and additional new equipment is being installed in January 2023.

We would like to see more baby and toddler activities. arrow-down

Mother and baby singing sessions will be introduced in January 2023. We have also added soft play sessions for children aged 2-5 in the Rockhall Room on Fridays – 12.00pm-2.00pm and Saturday craft sessions – 12.00pm-2.00pm.

We would like to see more kid and teenager activities. arrow-down

We are introducing a number of different camps and activities to include multi-sports camps, football camps, drama club and more. You will be able to learn more about these new activities via the What’s On page in January 2023.

Co-working space

Is there a dedicated co-working space. arrow-down

Yes, a temporary co-working space is currently available in the Guscott Room in the Conference Centre. A permanent and dedicated co-working facility will be made available for members next year – further details will be shared in due course.

A revised laptop policy within the restaurant and lounge areas will be implemented in January 2023.