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Come down and take a swing at our latest racquet offering at The Lensbury, as we bring Pickleball to our courts!

For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, pickleball acts as a great cross between the likes of other racket based sports like tennis, badminton and table tennis. Played with a hollow plastic ball, players are equipped with a paddle and play the game out in a similar manner to those other racquet sports we’re all familiar with but with a few twists.


Where are our Pickleball courts?

You can find our new courts over on the roadside, located on the Red Mini Courts, where you can challenge family and friends or enjoy a more leisurely rally.

How do I book?

Bookings for the courts can be made via Member’s Reception or on The Lensbury Club App, selecting Mini Courts. Courts are available all day during the holiday period and until 2.30pm throughout term time.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

After your booking has been made, all equipment including racquets and balls can be provided by Members’ Reception.


Pickleball stands out thanks to its unique blend of elements from a variety of racquet sports. Unlike the likes of tennis or squash, the game is played on a smaller court, making it more accessible to players of all ages and varying skill levels. Pickleball combines aspects of other household racquet sports, employing solid paddles and a plastic ball which feature distinctive holes that allow it to fly in a different manner. The game’s more steadied pace, coming about as a result of the lighter ball being used and underhand serve withdrawing some of the power seen in other sports, allows for long-lasting rallies and players taking on a more strategic style of play. Additionally, the sport emphasizes the art of ‘dinking’, a delicate shot technique in which players engage in a series of shorter, more controlled shots, this style of play gives the sport an extra layer of finesse and a focus on subtlety. Alongside these key factors, the sports inclusive nature, strategic gameplay, and focus on finesse, pickleball offers a distinctive experience compared to other racquet sports.

The sport found its origins back in 1965, initially struggling to take off for several decades. It began to pick up in the early 2010s but truly picked up during 2020 when people were looking for alternatives to indoor activities. Since then, the sport has gone from strength to strength  with it being the fastest growing sport in the United States and major investment in professional pickleball teams.

Be sure to check out the rulebook and brush up on your knowledge before hitting the court

The Rulebook

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